summer dance

Summer Dance in the Copenhagen park, Fælledparken, has become a tradition in Copenhagen. For almost 20 years the Copenhagen municipality has offered free dance lessons in Fælledparken all through the summer.

Every year, throughout July, DJ’s crank up the beats in the south western part of Fælledparken, and professional dance instructors teach interested participants afrobeat, bollywood, salsa, tango or whatever is on the programme that particular evening. And when the dance class is over, there’s free dance below the stars.

Sometimes it’s a party – live music, guest stars and entertainment – other times the atmosphere is intimate and down key.

Over the years I have been there many times with my family – all better dancers than I – and therefore it was a dream assignment when Summer Dance hired me to cover their activities over the summer of 2019 with my camera.

In the evening, when the sun was setting, I would bike the short distance from Nørrebro to Fælledparken with my camera bag.

I have tried to capture pure joy of dancing in my photos. That feeling some people get, when they move to music, either alone or with a partner.

One of my first projects of the year 2020 was to produce a new website for Summer Dance, a more visual, user friendly and responsive site:

I hope Summer Dance will hire me again to cover this fantastic summer event. 

Dancel teacher Punija Dumo boogies down at the opening of Summer dance 2019.
Anita Hjorth Lerche, international Bollywood star and singer makes a surprise performance during Murari Singhs Bollywood class.
Dance teacher Colosal Titan teaches Afrobeat.