global kidz

Global Kidz is both a consistent and highly appreciated customer.

Since the first time I covered their end-of-season show with my camera in 2014 and up until now, we have created videos, calendars, photo exhibitions, campaigns, websites – and new ideas keep emerging.

Global Kidz is a dance school with a focus on cultural and ethnic diversity. It is an integrated part of the organisation’s DNA, that it is present and offering dance courses in areas of Copenhagen, where other organisations and sports clubs have a hard time engaging children – and their parents.

It is also a large part of the identity of Global Kidz , that it is present in the streets of Copenhagen – through performances, happenings, street workshops, as part of festivals etc.

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dance without boundaries

2019 was the 10-year anniversary of Global Kidz, and they hired me to create a campaign focusing on the work of the organisation, not through 10 years, but right now.

Through the campaign Dance Without Boundaries we focused on the presence of Global Kidz in the streets and the cityscape of Copenhagen, and throughout the year I documented workshops, happenings, dance battles etc. with my camera.

I created a wide range of products including photos for the 2019/2020 Global Kids programme, campaign videos for SoMe and selected screens in Copenhagen, and photo panels for a photo exhibition in Nørrebrohallen, the local sport centre and library.

My first project of the year 2020 was to produce a new website for Global Kidz, a more visual user friendly and responsive site: