European council
on refugees and exiles

It all started with a lecture.

Preparing for the European parliament election in 2019, the European Council on Refugees and Exiles – ECRE – prepared a campaign focusing on the importance of the election for immigrants and asylum seekers in Europe. And the faces of the campaign online were immigrants living in Europe.

ECRE is an alliance of 104 NGOs across 41 European countries working to protect and advance the rights of refugees, asylum-seekers and other forcibly displaced persons in Europe.

The name of the campaign was Your Vote Our Future, and – rightfully so – there was some concern in the organisation about the consequences for the people giving the campaign, not only a voice, but also a face.

Based on my experience collecting case stories in conflict zones, I was invited to give a short lecture about “The Dilemmas of Exposure” at a workshop for the involved member organisations.

“Jesper is strategically sharp, he is efficient, and his price is more than fair.

Beyond that, Jesper is capable of understanding a given assignment in the context of an individual organisation, its brand, its target audience, its resources etc. He does not offer superficial sales pitches and ‘one size fits all’ solutions – he is all about the essentials of straight communication and getting it right for the client.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him and it will not be the last time it happens.”

Villads Zahle
Senior Communications Coordinator, ECRE

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I’m a new European by Adam Labar

Present at the workshop was also Adam Labar, vice-president of Refugees Union in Portugal, and a very talented reggae singer. Adam’s contribution to the campaign was a song – New European – which both delivers the key messages of the campaign, but also sets the mood.

But the song lacked a video. I took up the challenge and during and immediately after the workshop I produced a video featuring Adam, the communication officers present at the workshop and some of the people being the public face of the campaign Your Vote Our Future.

The video became a substantial part of the campaign with a reach of app. 1 million viewers on social media.

Since then, I have become the external content creator for ECRE and regularly produce visual content for the organisation.